A Different Kind of Galaxy at the Albany Barn

by Emily Berard

The first thing that draws you in when you go to the second floor of the Albany Barn is this painting by Rolondo Reyes titled “Dens Galaxy with Black Light”. It stood out because it looked almost as if it had its own personal spot on the wall.
There’s many different things you can see within this art work. Because of the deep black background and the white paint added on top of it, it gives the effect that it’s glowing under the black light to make the rich colors stand out. Other textures you can see in this piece when you look closely is the colorful rubber bands attached to it with small silver nails holding them in place.
When you see this artwork you can tell that colors weren’t just thrown together. Every color compliments each other, the paint pops out at you, and every splatter is exactly where it’s supposed to be. There’s consistency, starting with white paint, then green, then red, and more colors after that, if you looks closely it shows a pattern. This painting is just one of the amazing artworks located at the Albany Barn.


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