The New Phenomenal Woman

When she walks her legs cross in front of one another
She adored shorts and dresses
Showing her arms and legs were unexpected to those around her
She only wore short sleeved shirts because
She holds her head up to the sun every day,
The sun kisses her skin,
Her eyes are a bold brown,
Her hair curlier than most and all over the place,
She walks above the world.
She’s not fat
She was built to give hugs and bring warmth,
She’s fluffy and loves it.
She hated black clothing
She didn’t want to hide herself or to mislead someone or anyone because
Her size is beautiful.
She pushed through a world that sees her differently,
They didn’t see her as beautiful.
They shun her, they pushed her away,
They found something lovely and fragile and broke it.
She’s not like many broken things
She came back with an upgrade a newer and better attitude,
Mind and a way to look at the world.
She’s found new way to be inspired to do more and
She dusts off the words that was supposed to bring her down,
But it doesn’t bother her one bit.
She has a very big job and that is to
Inspire people with her love of…



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