The Legend of Amy’s Flowers


“I can’t garden but I knew she loved it so this is my way of giving back,” said Kristen Holler, the creator of the flower murals that are nailed to what are currently four posts outside of the Albany Barn. Kristen’s goal is to get the flowers to reach Henry Johnson Boulevard where Amy Stock passed away. One year ago today, Amy was struck and killed by a drunk driver only three weeks after moving to the place she loved, Albany.  

Amy Stock was an environmentalist, who loved to garden and was the founder of Sustainable Saratoga which promotes the protection of natural resources. Because Amy cared about the environment and was dedicated to creating a sustainable New York,  the flowers are made out of recyclable items such as plastic bottles, tin cans, and any material that can be reused and re-purposed. They are painted vibrant colors such as sky and navy blue, violate purple, hot pink, light orange, and different hues of red. They’re then cut out and shaped either round, pointy, or square, and given details that real flowers have like depth and softness. When the flowers are finished they’re put out for everyone to admire.  These unique flowers serve as a memorial to remember Amy Stock who was known for her compassionate spirit and loved dearly by her parents, siblings , and all those she encountered in her travels around the U.S.

“Amy was such a selfless and compassionate person, she could probably want the driver who took her life to have a second chance, even though his actions were unthinkable”,” said Kristen as she tried holding back her tears reflecting on the empathetic and loving person she once knew.  Amy was working on a Doctorate from University at Albany in Environmental Studies to continue her efforts working towards sustainability. Amy was only 48 years old and had dreams of publishing a novel entitled River Stories: Healing through Nature and Rivers which was posthumously published by her siblings.  Proceeds from the sale of the book will fund a scholarship in Amy’s name at Gloversville High School.  

During Amy’s Life she made Albany and Saratoga Springs both better places to live, and for that she will never be forgotten.  Today, her legend is being built.  As you pass by the lamp post, remember to search for Amy’s garden of sustainable flowers.


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