Nana’s Collard Greens

greens-646810_1280by Meishaye Boyd

Have you ever eaten something so mouth-wateringly delicious that you think you can eat it for the rest of your life? That’s how I felt a couple of days ago at my Nana’s house. She makes the best Collard Greens my taste buds have ever touched. They’re my favorite food and Nana is my favorite chef simply  because my she is my heart.  She loves and supports me no matter what and she treats me like her own.  My Nana puts love into anything she says or does for me and I can feel it. We would bond over the history of our family owned estate over thanks giving sized feast.  Her southern style Collard Greens combined with ham hocks and our family secret seasonings, will make you risk hurting yourself, sneaking them out the boiling pot. Once your taste buds start stimulating and your mouth start watering from all the different seasonings you’re tasting at one time, you’ll never want to stop eating until your stomach is basically begging you to stop feeding it. Food really is the way to someone’s heart because my Nana’s homemade Collard Greens sure snuck into mine. Food is like having a lifelong friend that you can always depend on to make you happy at a time where you feel like everything is bad.

Best Because…

What makes my Nana’s Collard Greens the best to me is the time she takes to make them just right. Not too salty, not over or under done, not crunchy…just right, like it was made by a beautiful food goddess that makes everything turn to gold when she touches it. You can taste the crushed red peppers, sazon seasoning, and the juices from the smoked meat that was put into it, seasoned salt and tangy butter. It leaves you wanting more.

How She Do That?
Step 1 she starts off by rinsing off the freshly grown collard greens
Step 2 she cuts off the stems and rinse the greens again
Step 2.5 she cuts the greens up
Step 3 she moves to a large pot and add canola oil and let the pork cook until it’s a golden brown color
Step 4 she removes the pork and let it cool, go to the pot for the greens, set to medium temperature and add red chili pepper flakes, black pepper and the collard greens
Step 5 you stir for a few minutes until the greens have softened up some, add chicken stock, water, and cover with a lid
Step 6 you let it cook for about 30 to 45 minutes
Step 7 you increase the heat for the food from medium to high once you take the lid off, add a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of hot sauce
Step 8 you can either sprinkle some ham hock meat on top of your finished product or pour it in the pot and mix it up to even it out with the savoring flavor of the greens

Finally, step 9, set temperature to low just so the collard greens can stay warm. After all that hard work, it’s time for you to sit down and enjoy your hard earned meal!!!



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